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Jugglers visiting Australia between 1905-1907

 These jugglers performed at the Tivoli Theatre in Sydney between 1905-1907.

All comments from Charles Waller- Magical Nights at the Theatre, pictures from Sydney Tivoli Theatre programmes. 

Kara 1905 

' Kara was always among the few conceded to be in the Cinquevalli class.' (1905)

Les Brunins (1905)

 A billiard table featured. The act consisted largely in driving the balls up against the far cushion and then doing remarkable things by catching them on the rebound

Selbo (1907)
Appearing in a tennis court setting, this young man operated very skillfully with rackets and Indian clubs

The Geraldos (1907)

They were club jugglers and good ones too.The act gained impressiveness from the fact that so many individuals were operating at the one time.

Rhodesia (1907)

It is doubtful whether any form of stagecraft shows a pretty girl to better advantage than does juggling.

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