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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maud Jeffries

Many English Edwardian actresses married into the aristocracy, but it was unusual for an international actress to marry into an Australian squatter family. Maud Jeffries, an American actress, did so in the early 1900s.
Maud was born in the Southern United States in 1869. She was spotted by the famous actor Wilson Barrett and taken to England to perform in his company.

Here she is with Wilson

In 1897-1898 she came to Australia in a company headed by Barrett. They returned to England and every few years Maud would cross the Atlantic with her brother Norman to visit her family.

In 1904 Maud returned to Australia with a company headed by Julius Knight.

During that tour she met a young man called James Osborne who was the son of a wealthy squatter family. He was smitten with her and somehow joined the company. They acted together, and in 1905 he asked her to marry him. She agreed, finished the tour in 1906 and then retired from the stage.

Above you can see Maud acting as a very domestic Edwardian lady. Although many of the aristocratic marriages in England caused scandal, this marriage in the colonies, wasn't really frowned upon. In fact one of the papers said that James was a very lucky man.

Maud had a son, and lived out her life in the country with James. She made one appearance on stage before her death, a benefit with Julius Knight in 1910. She died in 1946 outliving her husband.