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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gertrude Concannon- A Great Queenslander

Gertrude Concannon was a Queensland born soprano who toured the world to great acclaim.

She was born in Maryborough in 1899, to Tim and Annie Concannon. The family was quite musical. Gertrude sang, and her two sisters, Josephine and Eileen played the piano and violin respectively.

In the early 20s Gertrude was very popular in Queensland. Her voice was described as having 'crystaline clarity.'

Around 1924 she started studying with Madame Christian in Sydney, a year later she was on her way to the United States to work with the Doree Opera Company.

She stayed away from Australia for 13 years and sang in the United States, London, Egypt, and India.

In 1943 she married John Degnian a man she had known from her Maryborough childhood. The couple married at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.

Gertrude continued her career as a singer, composer and teacher of singing in Australia until her death in 1978.

She was a great and talented Queenslander...

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