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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Australian Juggling History- The Book, Arnold Jarvis- the Boy Cinquevalli, and Mills Mess

 A few bits and pieces

Recently I bought this beauty- I've always wanted one....why? 

This beautiful watercolour was painted by Arnold Jarvis, also know as Arnoldi, a juggler. Arnold was born in South Australia and had a short juggling career that included appearances at the Tivoli theatre. He was billed as the 'boy Cinquevalli'. Everybody was Cinquevalli in Australia in the 1900s.Later he became a landscape painter. He was apparently trained by Ashton- Juggling, and Hans Heysen- painting. For some performances he would combine juggling with lightning sketches...

Arnold's descendants are still around and I had the privilege of talking to them about Arnold when I was researching this....

My new book about Australian Juggling History. I received the final proofs this week and hope it will be published in the next month or so...The publisher is Ginninderra Press, who have published my other books. They are great people.

Finally, while I wait for the book to be published, and between work shifts, I am trying to master the wonderful art of Mills Mess with juggling clubs.

Bruises, drops and screams of frustration are already part of my life in this quest. So if you see a juggler with blue clubs and blue arms and legs (from bruises)  screaming loudly please be understanding of my difficult position..