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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Glad-Gladys Moncrieff

Gladys Moncrieff was one of Australia's greatest performers.Gladys began her career with J C Williamson and one of her most famous roles was as Teresa in Maid of the Mountains.

She would spend most of her life playing Teresa. Above is the original song music from 1921, with a very young Gladys on the cover.

Another of her famous roles was the lead in the Street Singer.

Glad's marriages, her accidents and her every move were chronicled by the Australian Press and avidly followed by the public. She was, in every way, a superstar.

When Her Majesty's Theatre in Sydney closed in 1933, who better to farewell the old place than Glad? Maid of the Mountains was the last performance in that grand old hall. Below is the front page of the programme for the final night, if you look closely, or click to enlarge, you can see Glad's autograph in the top right hand corner.

Glad died in 1976, but she is remembered forever.