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Friday, October 8, 2010

Jean Jarrott

Some years ago I was sent some information about a woman called Jean Jarrott. Jean was an Australian performer who featured in Queensland WEA productions such as And so to Bed and The Insect Play in the late 1930s.
Here she is in Judgement Day, 1938, as Madame Carelli.

During World War 2 she performed for the Red Cross and with the Brisbane Repertory Society, which was being run by Barbara Sisley, a famous name in amateur theatre. Below is a programme of one of her shows.

I particularly like the war bonds ad on the back.

It says for her future happiness, invest in War bonds

In the 1950s, Jean travelled the world and when she returned to Australia she continued to work for Brisbane repertory. Her career contined through to the 1970s when she appeared in Australian TV serials such as " Until Tomorrow."

Here is Jean performing in the 1950s.

Jean was a talented and generous actress and a fixture in social and theatrical circles in Brisbane. She passed away in 2002.