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Monday, February 20, 2023

New Postcards- but Alas! No jugglers

 Some interesting postcards from the NSW Postcard Collectors Fair yesterday...

Quong Tart- not associated with Theatre History, but one of Sydney's most amazing citizens during the Victorian era. He was a legend. This is an early 20th Century cigarette card. I was really surprised to see him represented on a cigarette card. 

A postcard of a drawing of the Royal Hotel in Sydney- I think the Theatre Royal was based here and that was Sydney's first theatre.

May De Sousa. An American actress who had a sad demise. She married an Australian and ended up in pauper's grave in the US. The two may have been related? 

Nance O Neil. A very famous actress who visited Australia

 Parer- a magician

A postcard from the local production of East Lynne

I hadn't seen one of these before. It's a postcard from the Orpheum Circuit in North America. This comes from Canada. 1917/18 season. 

I'm working on a new juggling article about the people below. Very interesting story..